Our Projects

According to our constitution each of us dedicates at least 2% off her or his monthly income for the support of vulnerable members in our community. Additionally we use small donations from visitors and friends for this purpose. Together we choose and discuss which project we want to support.

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The first project we choose is the “Royal Angels Junior School” in a poor neigborhood of Watamu. Especially the baby classes have to desks to sit on, so we decided to help building some locally for them. The students also lack stationary and books and we hope one day we can supply them with some food too. As a start we have donated a first desk, which costs only 40 USD and is made for three children. In May we distributed the desk and some stationary and made some kids really happy.

Recently we were able to distribute stationary and books to the kids in Royal Angels schools. We used the 2% of our income and some private donations. We hope we will be able to do so each month.