Our concept

Let us help you to plan and organise an unforgettable stay in watamu. In doing so you help us to help our community.

Every year tourists spend a vast amount of money in Africa, but most of it goes to large resorts and big companies. We simply ask you to think, whom you are going to support during your stay in Watamu.

“Together for Watamu” stands for a new concept of community friendly tourism organised by us, a group a citizens from Watamu itself, who believe in development, caring for the community and protecting our beautiful environment.

All of us look back to a long experiece dealing with and for visitors and tourists, we are working in the fields of tour management, gastronomy and transportation. We love our place and want you to enjoy it too. And we want you to get in contact with the local people living here, to see corners of our region others do not have the chance to see and to become a part of the real Watamu during your stay.

What we offer:

  • Airport Transfers from Mombasa and Malindi;
  • Boat Tours to Watamu Marine National Park;
  • Snorkeling and Fishing Tours;
  • Trips in and around Watamu
  • Guided Tours in Gede Archeological Site
  • Hiking in Arabuko Sokoke National Park
  • Boat Tours in Midas Creek Mangrovia Park
  • Lunch and Dinner at the Beach; Coral Reef Tours
  • Safaries to all National Parks inside Kenya
  • Bicycle Tours
  • Walking tours in Watamu, Visiting various social projects and meeting members of our community.
  • Organizing cultural and social events to have deeper insights into history and cuture of Kenya.
  • Guided tours about impact of climate change and deforestation on nature and inhabitants.

What we promise:

We are working with the local communities and coordinate our trips and tours with community based projects. We organize our tours and trips envirorentmal friendly. A certain percentage of our income is used to support various projects in our community.

Support our projects by make a donation: