Who we are

Together for Watamu is an initiative of the registered Self-Help-Group “Watamu for Change” according to Kenyan Law. We are the six persons who set this group up and want to introduce ourselves.


I am Erick Okanga Zakayo, born in 1986, married with two children. I am working in the transport sector since more than six years and currently owner of a Tuk Tuk taxi.

“I hope we have a unique chance to improve the situation of less vulnerable members of our society and to give an example of how to co-operate in order to manage fair tourism that profits both – us and the visitors.”


I am Michael Kariuku, born in 1970 and married with two children. I am currently working with a travel agent as tour manager. For more than ten years I am engaged in tourism and guiding visitors through the National Parks of Kenya.

“Tourism is a very important source for Kenya, but we all need to find ways how everyone in our society can benefit from it.”

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I am Patience Mwenje, born in 1986, married with children. After having finished my bachelor of arts in Nairobi I became a community development expert. With my expertise I want to help women and children to develop on the grassroot level.

“I believe education is crucial for any community to develop, but the most important  is to empower girls and women through education.”


I am Fuad Bwanaadi, born in 1978 and married with children. I am looking back to more than twelve years of experience in tour guiding showing visitors the beauty of the sea life in and around Watamu. With my boats we offer both snorkeling and blue safari tours, dolphin watching as well as deep sea fishing.

“I believe tourists and visitors should have best services here in Watamu, but we all together need to improve protecting the nature, especially the marine life and the beautiful beaches of Watamu. I hope I will be able to improve awareness.”

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I am Nicholas Mbungua Wangui, born in 1990 and single. Until now I was working in the real estate business and in my free time I am dealing with environmental activities.

“I want to encourage both visitors and locals to take care about the environment in country and my main aim is to raise awareness between young people who are the bearer of the future.”


I am Peter Aponga Hebanga, bon in 1985, married with two children. l have been a social worker in Watamu the over 10 years and dealt with orphans and the less fortunate members of the society including those marginalized by stigma for various reasons. I have a lot of contacts with local and international organisations for aid to assist in education and education related activities for children and orphans.

“As a social worker, who knows about the hardships of children in our society I want all of us to help improving their situation. Every child should have a good education, especially the orphans.”

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